Foundation design and analyses related to the installation of offshore platforms and marine/subsea structures; harbours, jetties and near-shore works; land reclamation; pipelines.

Typical capabilities are:

  • design of geophysical and geotechnical site investigations at sea, from nearshore to deep (> 2000m) water, including preparation of technical specifications, remote and on-board supervision of works;
  • data interpretation to deduce the design soil profile and all needed parameters for further analyses;
  • geotechnical design of offshore platforms and subsea structures, including pile driving analyses;
  • jack-up leg penetration assessment;
  • geotechnical and/or structural design of pull-in devices and anchorages of pipelines;
  • design of near-shore structures such as quays, jetties, piers, breakwaters, dredged areas, disposal basins and more.

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