Technical Director

Project Director

Senior Engineering Geologist

2008 – PRESENT

Licensed Geologist (Lombardy)

Master’s Degree in Geological Sciences at the Department of Earth Sciences
University of Milano

Safety Coordinator, 2004


He graduated in Geological Sciences at the Department of Earth Sciences in Milan’s ‘Università degli Studi’. In 1992 he qualified as professional engineering geologist and since 1996 he has been part of the ‘Ordine dei Geologi’ (Institute of Geologists) in Lombardy.

He has mainly developed his professional career in the field of public works, especially in the sectors of large civil engineering works, transportation (roads, tunnelling, underground works), hydro-geological instability and territorial planning.

Since 2002 he has been collaborating with SOIL srl on several projects, principally following projects regarding engineering geology and hydrogeology, seismic issues, geotechnical investigations and soil and rock characterisation within major infrastructure projects (also supporting geotechnical consultancies), both onshore and offshore.

In February 2008 his relationship with SOIL srl turned into a form of ‘exclusive collaboration’, and he was appointed Technical Director.

In his professional activity he has gained experience especially within engineering geology, in the geotechnical and geomechanical sectors with specific attention to territorial issues of hilly and mountainous areas.

He has followed training and adjournment courses regarding the stability of soil and rock slopes, river and stream hydraulics, numerical modelling and seismic geotechnics.

He is Safety Coordinator for civil works.

His main specialization fields are:

  • structural and geomechanical geology;
  • soil and rock mechanics;
  • geotechnical, geological and earthquake engineering;
  • planning and works management for rock-fall protection projects;
  • planning and works management for projects in landslide areas;
  • geological and hydrogeological studies supporting territorial and environmental planning;
  • hydrology and hydraulics for territorial defence;
  • environmental impact studies;
  • expert witnessing in civil and criminal proceedings;
  • technical management of tenders and contracts for Public Authorities.

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